• Kerry D. Friesen, MD

Beginning To Forget? 9 Early Indicators of Alzheimer's Disease.

Knowing these early indicators of memory loss can help a loved one get proper attention & preserve precious memories:

1. An excessive reliance on memory aides like note taking.

2. A general slowing down of ordinary household tasks like paying bills & balancing a check book.

3. Difficulty following simple 2 step problems like programming the microwave or finding a favorite TV show.

4. Confusion about the day of the week, dates, time & seasons or difficulty reading & judging distance. (They may not recognize their own reflection when passing a mirror).

5. Trouble with word finding or naming objects----a pen may become "something you write words with."

6. Misplacing common objects like their keys, wallet or purse. They may blame people for "stealing" their belongings.

7. Decision making becomes difficult & judgment is poor. For example, giving money to strangers or telemarketers.

8. Social isolation! They may withdraw from family outings or important social events.

9. Mood changes with the smallest disruption of their daily routine.

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