I have been a patient of Dr. Friesen’s for 20 years. I know that he is a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated doctor. He expects his staff to also be professional and dedicated. The nonsense shared on here are words from staff that have not met his reasonable expectations.

Tony MacDonell

I had a wonderful experience here. I am grateful that the ketamine treatments helped me get off all my meds. The owners have been nothing but nice and welcoming.

Mercedes Prior

Dr Friesen, Renita and Pam are exceptionally professional and compassionate individuals. Dr Friesen is incredibly knowledgeable but most of all individualizes treatment plans according to the needs of his patients. We came from Canada to meet with him and his team and we were greeted with the upmost respect, care and compassion. Without their care we would not have had the positive outcome me and my family are experiencing. Ketamine is truly a ground breaking treatment and paired with dr Friesen’s knowledge and his teams professionalism, it’s excellence never been experienced before. Thank you Dr. Friesen, Renita and Pam. We are forever grateful.

Roxanne Bancroft

Hands down the best of the best. I am so sad I had to move to Mississippi I miss Dr. Friesen every day!!!!

R. Coe

Dr Friesen is amazing along with his staff!

Samantha Smith

Dr Friesen and his staff are amazing ! First of all everyone is very professional. From the time you enter the Center you feel welcomed , very calm atmosphere. Dr Friesen and staff are very knowledgeable & trained . They take their time with you to answer any questions and explain procedures. Thank you Dr Friesen and staff.

Karen Martin

Dr. Friesen has been very kind and resourceful. Helped my husband from his depression and my wellbeing.

Minako Chong