What is BBL?

BBL broadband light technology utilizes the power of pulsed light from many colors of the electromagnetic spectrum to deliver energy to various skin depths. By selecting the appropriate wavelength or filter, we are able to treat a broad range of skin conditions caused by skin aging and sun exposure. A series of treatments (3-5) such as the RENÁTA• Skin Reborn Protocol can result in dramatic changes in the gene-expression of skin cells on the molecular level. Your skin will be smoother, more vibrant and it will have a more youthful, radiant appearance as a result.


How does Broad Band Light differ from IPL?

Like BBL, Intense Pulse Light can also deliver a range of light wavelengths of therapeutic benefit. However, IPL is more prone to complications and is generally less effective. The SCITON® BBL is the world's most effective platform for Broad Band Light therapy.


How does light-energy regenerate skin cells?

BBL optimally delivers infrared and visible light that is able to penetrate the epidermis and deep dermis of our skin.  By stimulating changes at the molecular level, visible changes in the dermis are noted and the gene expression of older damaged skin cells more closely resembles the gene expression of younger cells. The cells are reinvigorated and over time, look much younger. Skin firmness, texture, tone, and elasticity all improve. Regular BBL treatments (once a  year) help maintain the regenerated cell's gene expression.


What conditions does BBL help correct?

BBL effectively treats pigmented sun-damaged skin, vascular conditions, including rosacea and acne-prone skin. Photo-regenerated skin cells improve skin laxity and fine wrinkles.


What is the Renáta Skin Reborn•Renewal program?

The RENÁTA Skin Reborn•Renewal program maximizes the combined benefits of light-energy, skin genomics, and NanoLaser Resurfacing to invigorate older skin cells. Cellular regeneration can bring about the following benefits:

  • Overall more youthful skin appearance

  • Improved skin firmness

  • Elimination of age spots, sun spots and other signs of visible sun damage

  • Enhanced collagen synthesis

  • Delayed skin aging


When can I expect results?

Treatments are performed every 2-4 weeks. Some treatments bring about improved skin clarity within days. The full skin rejuvenation effect may not be realized for 4-6 weeks.


How much do treatments cost?

Please see our pricing list or call for more information.





What causes acne?

No one knows exactly what causes acne but hormonal changes and a bacterium known as Propionibacterium acnes found in sebaceous glands deep within the skin are the most likely factor. The rapid growth of this bacteria causes inflammation that is seen as redness, pimples, and pustules.


If you have acne

  • Clean your skin gently

  • Try not to touch your skin

  • Avoid the sun


How does light-energy help treat acne?

The proprionibacterium that is known to cause acne, is susceptible to ClearSkin • BlueLight therapy and the 560 nm wavelength.  A series of treatments can dramatically reduce redness, breakouts and rejuvenate acne-prone skin.


How many treatments will I need?

Five to six treatments twice a week or every two weeks is average.


What aftercare do I need?

Consider introducing a quality SkinCare regimen to your daily routine. Dr. Friesen has developed a nutritional genomics approach to help your skin heal. Ask for a SkinGenomicsMD complimentary consultation.


What results should I expect?

Your skin will improve with each treatment and should only require maintenance treatments every three to four months.


What is the treatment like?

ClearSkin • BlueLight Therapy can be performed in 15-20 minutes. Most patients find the treatment relaxing with no downtime.


How much do treatments cost?

Please see our pricing list or call 423-553-9159 for a complimentary skincare consultation.





What is laser skin resurfacing?

The SCITON® Tunable Laser allows Dr. Friesen to remove sun-damaged and aging skin to a precise depth. The Er YAG laser vaporizes on contact by instantly heating water molecules found in skin cells. A topical anesthetic is applied 30-60 minutes prior to the procedure. There is minimal discomfort associated with the procedure and recovery for a Nano or Micro Peel is typically 2-3 days of mild redness.


What is a NanoLaser Peel?

A NanoLaser Peel is a superficial ( 10 micron) peel with minimal downtime and exceptionally good results. Laser resurfacing has a clarifying effect on skin in addition to evening out texture and tone. A NanoLaser Peel can be performed on Friday with full recovery on Monday!


What is a MicroLaser Peel?

The epidermis (top layer of our skin) varies in thickness from 50 microns on the eyelids to 1500 microns on the soles of our feet.  The MicroLaser Peel begins at 50 microns and up. Each 10-micron depth of a peel requires one day of recovery. The MicroLaser Peel is especially effective for lip lines and deeper skin folds around the eyes and mouth.


When will I be able to return to work or use makeup?

Makeup can usually be applied after the third day of a superficial peel. Most people will recover quickly and no work will be missed.


What conditions does resurfacing help correct?

Laser skin resurfacing is especially effective for wrinkled or sun-damaged skin,

vertical lip-stick lines around your mouth and "crow's feet" lines around your eyes. Dark circles and under the eyes, puffiness, all respond to resurfacing. A deep resurfacing of the forehead and eye area can help correct eyelid droop.

Superficial precancerous skin growths, pigment problems, and certain facial scars can all be improved with skin resurfacing.


Does a nurse perform the resurfacing procedure?

Dr. Friesen performs all laser resurfacing procedures.


How much do treatments cost?

Please see our pricing list or call for a complimentary consultation.





What is genomic testing?

Genomic testing requires a simple cheek swab to analyze unique gene variants that determine everything from brain health to the rate at which your skin ages. Nutritional genomics provides Dr. Friesen with enough information to target nutritional and diet therapy to slow the aging process generally and the brain and skin specifically.


How do I know if my skin will age at an accelerated rate?

There are thousands of genes that regulate "intrinsic" skin aging and sun-damage "extrinsic" aging. It's not important to know everyone. We have narrowed the focus to 5-6 genes that contribute to accelerated skin aging. Our targeted nutritional genomic program is essential for Age•Delay and Photoprotection.

How does nutrition improve the health of my skin?

Diet affects everything including skin health. Most skin problems can be improved with nutrient dense, deeply pigmented foods - yellow, green, purple and red in particular. Not only do these foods provide an abundance of nutritional value, they also possess potent anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation or "InflammAging" is the underlying problem in most skin disorders and chronic health problems.


What is photo-aging and can it be reversed?

Nearly 80% of accelerated skin aging is caused by ultraviolet light from the sun. Almost all of which is avoidable. While "barrier" style sunscreens afford excellent protection they are not enough.  Nutrient dense food and nutritional supplementation are essential. Sun damage accumulates over time. With each exposure, free-radicals are formed in the skin (think radiation0, leading to damaged DNA, collagen break-down, wrinkle formation, and skin cancer. Unless corrected, collagen breakdown continues at an accelerated rate contributing to "thin skin" and easy bruising.  Superficial blood vessels, pigmented discolored skin, and precancerous skin lesions are all the result of sun exposure.


Who would benefit from a nutrition • genomics consult?

Skin, brain and immune health are inextricably linked. Our skin cells contain a major portion of our immune system, while the brain has nearly the same nutritional requirements as skin.  If you are serious about preserving brain, skin and immune health, a nutrition-genomics consult with Dr. Friesen is a good place to start!4


Does my insurance pay for genomic testing?

Most insurance plans pay for genomic testing if ordered by a qualified physician such as Dr. Friesen.


Will Dr. Friesen interpret my test results?

Yes. Dr. Friesen has several years experience interpreting complex genomic information for both brain optimization and skin health.





What is SkinTyte?

With age, both volume and skin firmness is lost. Sunlight, environment, diet, and pollution all accelerate the process. SkinTyte® utilizes broad-band light to stimulate changes on a molecular level within skin cells known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the "stem cells" responsible for collagen production, the main structural component in the skin. When stimulated by light, fibroblasts begin to behave as younger, healthier more invigorated cells. As a result, skin firmness increases and the skin becomes more radiant.


What is the treatment like?

SkinTyte® treatments take about 20-30 minutes depending on the area(s) being treated. An assistant will monitor your skin temperature while Dr. Friesen individualizes the treatment to address your chief skin concerns.


What results should I expect?

Most people notice an immediate improvement in skin contour and firmness after the initial treatment. Your skin will continue to improve over the following weeks as collagen synthesis increases in response to the light therapy.


What areas can be treated?

Almost any area can be treated. We have successfully treated the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, waist, thighs, knees and elbows!


How many treatments will I need?

If your skin is relatively healthy, you may only require three treatments. However, five is the average.


How much do treatments cost?

Please call about pricing and before and after study-related savings. We frequently conduct clinical trials of aesthetic treatments and offer a discounted price for anyone wanting to participate.





Are BOTOX® and Dysport® safe?

When reconstituted properly and injected by a qualified physician, they are both safe and effective.


Who performs the injections?

Dr. Friesen has practiced aesthetic medicine for more than eight years. He performs all injectable treatments.


What are dermal fillers?

High-quality dermal fillers such as RESTYLANE® are made from Hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers replace the naturally occurring connective tissue filling in space between all the cells in your body. Since facial aging is characterized primarily by loss of volume, fillers are a very safe and effective way of contouring facial features (lips, cheeks, chin etc.) and restoring lost volume.


Can I combine laser and injectable treatments on the same day?

Laser-light treatments, Dysport, and fillers can all be safely combined in one visit. In fact, several new studies support the enhanced effectiveness when they are used in combination.


How long do Dysport® and BOTOX typically last?

For most people, Dysport® will continue to relax facial muscles for 3-4 months.  Areas of the face that involve animated expressions (around the mouth) typically last for 3 months.


How can I preserve the benefits of both Botox and fillers?

Dr. Friesen can recommend specific supplements to enhance the effectiveness of laser-light, injectable and laser skin resurfacing treatments