The Friesen Center team, led by renowned physician and surgeon, Dr. Kerry D. Friesen, consults with patients to learn more about personal health and wellness issues and problems that may be treated with our range of aesthetic and medical treatment programs. Our staff is dedicated to confidential, compassionate health care in a respectful, comfortable environment. We build trust with our patients so they can be confident they are receiving the best possible health care. 

Anti-Aging Anti-Depression Treatment Dalton, Georgia
Anti-Aging Anti-Depression Treatment Dalton, Georgia

Kerry D. Friesen, MD

Lead Consultant & Medical Director

Renita Friesen

Co-Founder & CEO

The Concierge Practice model offers patients the choice to participate in a truly collaborative health care process that is personalized, preventative and progressive by design.  


It means I will have time to listen and care for you with no regard to insurance and its limitations.

If you choose to participate, a retainer or annual membership fee will allow me to continue to provide the enhanced, personalized, high-quality care that you’ve come to expect.

In exchange, I commit to limiting the overall number of patients in my practice making me much more accessible to you by text messaging, video consults or even FaceTime.

We recognize your time is valuable and pledge to eliminate excessive red-tape allowing for a more flexible and responsive office experience.


Wait times will be minimal. Same-day appointments will be the norm. Welcome to the world of personalized medicine!

At THE FRIESEN CENTER, "We Make Medicine Personal."


A good physician treats the disease.

A great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

- Sir William Osler -